Doctors Charged in Opioid Prescription Crisis

Doctors Charged in Opioid Prescription Crisis

Common drug charges include trafficking, possession, and distribution or intent to distribute. With the opioid crisis in full swing police have an extra sharp eye out for any suspicious activity. This is led to a lot of people facing charges associated with the opioid crisis, but not all of those charges are Justified.

Remember that when you’re facing charges you are the accused and you deserve a solid defense. You deserve an attorney who will go in and assertively face the state to establish your innocence. Drug charges are serious and can follow people for years if you don’t get ahead of the issue and handle it now.
Drug Trafficking
Arizona draws a clear line dividing drug trafficking between various illegal substances. For example, marijuana is of one felony class when it comes to drug trafficking, and narcotics are another.

Under Arizona law the transport for sale, or trafficking, importing drugs into the state, or transferring a narcotic drug to others for the purpose of selling is illegal. drug trafficking narcotics in Arizona could lead to a class 2 felony in the event of a guilty verdict. Of course that doesn’t take aggravators and other elements at the charges into consideration.

The best way to battle drug trafficking is with a strong defense. Those facing drug trafficking charges may choose to use a variety of defenses such as acknowledging that the police failed to properly deliver Miranda rights, or that there was a break in the evidence’s chain of custody.

Charges for Possession and Distribution

Possession and distribution are also illegal when it comes to narcotics under Arizona law. The trouble with opioids is that many people have prescriptions for these drugs. The CDC found that in 2017 there were approximately 58 people with opioid prescriptions for every 100 Americans. It’s becoming difficult for police to evaluate exactly who should and should not have possession of these opioids with so many people having active prescriptions.

You may need to work diligently to show that there was no intent to cause harm or profit off of the opioid prescription or medication in your possession. You must protect yourself, unfortunately in this instance it means protecting yourself from the people who should be protecting you. Why police decided to use you as a target, or why you ended up facing charges when so many others have not or questions that we can’t answer.
A Defense Against State Drug Charges
The opioid crisis rages on but that doesn’t mean you should face some trumped up charges. Misunderstandings and handling prescription medication, and exactly how you carry them may have led to unintended charges. You might need an Arizona criminal trial lawyer to establish a strong defense and show that you had neither intent to sell or distribute prescription medication including opioids.

But, we can help you build a solid defense and protect your future with as much effort and assertion as possible. When you rely on an Arizona criminal trial lawyer, you can fight to showcase that you didn’t commit any alleged crime related to drugs.